Dr. María Teresa Tercero Morales
Postdoctoral Research Fellow.


E-mail: mariateresa.tercero@uclm.es
Department Address: 

Microwave and Sustainable Organic Chemistry Division,

Universidad de Castilla la Mancha.

Av. Camilo José Cela, 10 – 13071 Ciudad Real, Spain.
Telephone: 0034 926295300 

Office. Ext 6744

Lab. Ext 96362


Mª Teresa Tercero Morales was born on December 12th 1984 in La Solana (Ciudad Real, Spain). In 2002 she finished her highschool studies in Science modality at I. E. S. Modesto Navarro (La Solana, Spain) with distinction. In the same year, she started to study Chemistry at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM, Ciudad Real, Spain), where she obtained her degree in 2007. In the same university, she initiated her PhD. (FPU Fellowship) within the graduate program Homogeneous Catalysis under the supervision of Prof. Antonio Antiñolo, Dr. Santiago García-Yuste and Dr. Mª Isabel López-Solera.

She finished her project thesis titled “Niobocene hydrides in hydrogenation processes of a,b-unsaturated carboxylic acids and ROP of cyclic esters” in March 2012, getting the grade of Chemistry Doctor (cum Laude). During her PhD. she has performed a predoctoral stay of four months at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, Barcelona, Spain) under the supervision of Prof.  Agustí Lledós, Dr. Gregori Ujaque and Dr. Gábor Kovács, where she started to work on theoretical calculations, in order to explain the mechanisms of the hydrogenation of a,b-unsaturated carboxylic acids by niobocene hydrides.

Currently, she is conducting her postdoctoral research at the Nanochemistry Group of Dr. Ester Vázquez (IRICA, Ciudad Real, Spain). She is researching the design of new graphene-metal nanomaterials for application in material science and/or medicinal chemistry.


Ball mill
NanoChemistry Group
Exfoliated Graphene
Graphite exfoliation using melamine
PhD student Cristina and Bachelor Alicia making science!
UCLM Albacete
PhD student Ana taking some fluorescence measurements
Maribel is doing intriguing experiments!
Obtaining nice hydrogels
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Av. Camilo José Cela 10

Ciudad Real, Spain. 13071

Contact: ester.vazquez(at)uclm.es