July 24, 2018 


Recent publications from the group (our dear Sweet Green Graphene) have attracted some attention in the scientific world. Here we have been featured in the Chemistry World news!







July 17-18, 2018


These las few days, all of our integrants and our different colleagues in the department have participated in a mini-simposium on the different ongoing project in the group. For more information, click here.













April 22-26, 2018


Last week, Dr. Ester Vázquez, group leader at MSOC Nanochemistry and some group members participated in the last ChemOnTubes2018 that has been celebrated in Biarritz, France. All of them have showed very interesting results... and Dr. Viviana J. Gonzalez obtained the prize for best posters!! Congratulations Viviana!!


















November 20, 2017


Last week, Jose Miguel González Domínguez, a postdoctoral researcher at the MSOC NanoChemistry Lab, won 1ST prize in the first national competition in the scientific outreach area: I Edición de los Premios Jóvenes Divulgadores 2017. In his own words: “I am just trying to present graphene and nanotechnology to non-specialized individuals in a both rigorous but enjoyable presentation”.

With this participation, he wanted to share how Nanotechnology, specially that of carbon nanostructures such as Graphene, are Substantially changing research in Materials Science and Medicine. Graphene possesses extraordinary properties that can greatly contribute towards advances in multiple fields, particularly in medicine. In the video, he presented the advanced he has worked in during the last couple of yearsregarding new methodologies to obtain graphene in water dispersions, enabling these futures studies in diverse fields.
















Check the video her:


February 28, 2017


Viviana, Ana and Cristina, together with Eduardo Prado, had the opportunity to visit ZEISS facilities in Oberkochen (Germany). They were delighted with the company, doing a demo by using GeminiSEM 500. 
















February 24, 2017


Today, we enjoyed an interesting speech about Fullerenes from Prof. Echegoyen, who was invited by our group leader, Dr. Ester Vázquez.



















January 16, 2017




La Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha ha publicado una convocatoria de 30 contratos pre-doctorales, dentro de su Plan Propio de Investigación. Las bases y requisitos de la convocatoria pueden verse en la web de la Universidad, El plazo de presentación de solicitudes acaba el 3 de febrero de 2017.

Los candidatos tienen que haber realizado el Trabajo Fin de Máster. Las personas interesadas en solicitar un contrato en el grupo MSOC-nanochemistry Group) del Instituto Regional de Investigación Científica aplicada (IRICA) y de la Facultad de Ciencias y Tecnologías Químicas en el Campus de Ciudad Real, deben de enviar un CV actualizado a la Dra. Ester Vázquez ( o a cualquier otro miembro del grupo (;; antes del 25 de enero.


Las líneas de investigación de este grupo pueden identificarse en la página





September 23, 2016


Postdoctoral position in Materials Science/Organic Chemistry.


Research-Job description


One 12 months position will be available in the field of Materials Science and Organic Chemistry. The successful candidate will obtain a postdoc position linked to an European Graphene Flagship project “Graphene-based disruptive technologies. Core 1”. It will start by January 2017.  




We welcome applications from candidates who hold a PhD degree in chemistry, material science or related fields and have a background in organic chemistry and materials science (synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials). Candidates should have the ability to work independently, should be open-minded, and should have good communications skills. Fluency in spoken and written English is required.


Location: (PI: Dra. Ester Vázquez) MSOC-Nanochemistry. Facultad de Ciencias y Tecnologías Quimicas-IRICA, UCLM, Ciudad Real.


How to apply:


Please send your application to Dr. Enrique Diez (, Dra. Maria Antonia Herrero ( or Dra. Sonia Merino (, including a CV and motivation letter.  Deadline: 10 October, 2016. 





June 30, 2016


University of Castilla-La Mancha awards “Honoris Causa” doctorate to Professors Nazario Martín and Maurizio Prato.


Professors Nazario Martín and Maurizio Prato have been named “Doctor Honoris Causa” by University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) at an academic ceremony chaired by Rector Miguel Ángel Collado. The ceremony took place at the auditorium church of San Pedro Mártir in Toledo the 28th June.


The research career, contributions to science and the strong links to the UCLM of both Professors were acknowledged during the event. Nazario Martín's promoter was Fernando Langa, from the Institute for Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials of the UCLM, who gave the first laudatory speech. Afterwards, our group leader, Ester Vázquez, gave another emotive laudatory speech as promoter of Maurizio Prato. The ceremony, which can be watched in the link given below, included the performance of different pieces by the Choir of Toledo.


Apart from the ceremony, a symposium entitled "A Journey through Carbon Nanostructures: from Fullerenes to Graphene" was celebrated in Honour to the two Professors the day before, in which several invited speakers showed their more recent works. Moreover, a conference entitled "Química y Nanociencia en tu vida: Hablando con los protagonistas" took place in Ciudad Real the 29th June, in which we could discuss with the new honoris causa doctors about the implications of nanoscience in everyday life. Both Professors were also welcomed by the city mayor, Pilar Zamora.


Congratulations to both Professors!



Some pictures of those days:

































































































































































































May 17, 2016



Ester Vázquez, the group leader of MSOC Nanochemistry Group, has been highlighted and interviewed by the "Lanza" newspaper about the research that is being carried out in the group, especially for her involvement in the Graphene Flagship european program. The interview can be read in the following link:















April 28, 2016



The MSOC Nano-Chemistry Group is pleased to congratulate the newly Doctor Cristina Martín Jiménez, for having defended her thesis entitled "New Graphene-based Composite Materials".














April 8, 2016


The group leader of MSOC Nanochemistry Group, Dr. Ester Vázquez, and also group members Dr. José Miguel González and Dr. Viviana González, have participated in the last ChemOnTubes2016 that has been celebrated in Brussels. All of them have showed very interesting results. 


Good work!



























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Graphite exfoliation using melamine
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